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Client Testimonials

“After gaining weight and developing unhealthy habits in high school, I came to Amy Horwitz looking to learn how to properly take care of my body before leaving home for college. Amy worked with me to redefine my relationship with food, teaching me simple, healthy, and sustainable ways to be nutritious. From eating to exercise to the mental aspects of losing weight, Amy gave me a personalized weight loss plan that was fine tuned to my daily routine and lifestyle. 11 weeks later and 30lbs lighter, I am once again confident in my body and could not be more grateful for the work Amy did with me.”


Aiden W. -  July 2020


“Let’s face it 2020 was a bust. And by a bust, I mean I busted out of my pants. Covid has been hard on all of us and in the beginning of March 2021 I hit rock bottom, and I decided I need to make serious changes or the COVID 19 (19 pounds I gained) was quickly going to become the COVID 30 or more.  I had worked with Amy in the past and called her up. Immediately I was taken with her enthusiasm and positive attitude. I respond very well to high energy, positive people. She was so excited to help me, which in turn made me excited and open to new ideas. 


She listened to my concerns and what was going on with my body, not only did I want to lose weight, but I have Type 1 Diabetes, and many food sensitivities. She tailored the perfect weight loss plan for me. And no joke, I lost 8 pounds the first week I was on the plan - I don’t say diet because I have not felt hungry following this new approach. My blood sugars have never been better, and I have more energy. I honestly did not think it was possible to feel this good! It is now April and I have lost over 15 pounds and I am close to my goal of 19. Amy has been my cheerleader along the way and I could not be more excited for what the future holds.  I am so grateful to Amy for teaching me a new way to look at food. I’m forever changed. It’s nice to know as you get older that you can still learn and improve, it’s never too late! 


Thank you Amy!”



- April 2021 Robin R.

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