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More About Amy Horwitz

Amy Horwitz, MS, RDN, is one of Westchester's most sought after Dietitians, specializing in both individual and group counseling.  For a number of years Amy served as a leading RD at Joy Bauer Nutrition, in Rye Brook. In addition to private counseling, Amy has worked closely with Dr. David Levitsky, a Cornell University professor and one of the country's leading authorities on "The Freshman Fifteen." She has also been a guest lecturer at Cornell and has written pieces for REAL SIMPLE Magazine and The Boston Herald. On a local level, she has served as a valuable resource for a number of Westchester County school programs. 


Amy received her Bachelor degree in Nutritional Science from Cornell University. She did a joint program during graduate school, earning her Master of Science (MS) degree from the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University while earning her RD certification at the New England Medical Center, in Boston. During that time, Amy volunteered with Women, Infants & Children (WIC), helping low-income families make healthy choices on limited resources. Amy is a member of the ADA.

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